Thinking Of Becoming And Electrician

Thinking Of Becoming And Electrician

Electricians are valuable assets to any community, they make a decent living, and they can specialize in many different areas. The process to learning the trade takes as long as it does to get a college degree, so it is important to be sure it is the right career path. The ideal candidate for the program enjoys technical and mathematical activities, has acute hand-eye coordination, is able to complete detailed and precise work, and has great communication and problem solving skills. If interest is still there, a pre-apprenticeship course can get a career started. It is a three month course that is designed to help students determine if electrical work is for them.

The introductory course, Certificate II in Electrotechnology, covers the basic skills, equipment, and tools needed for the job. It includes electrical theory, safety, mathematics, and how to interpret electrical drawings. The full time course also provides students with a level 2 first aid card, a Construction Induction card, and a manual f complete wiring rules. Successful completion of the course allows students to continue onto apprenticeships jobs, and the four year course work for the Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician. An electrician apprenticeship is the combination of education and hands-on training under a trained professional. Students learn in a state-of-the-art classroom facility, and work in the field to train and earn a wage.

To qualify as an electrician, the student must attend classes, attend paid work with an employer for the four year duration, and successfully complete all requirements. There are several benefits to the program. A dedicated consultant is assigned to each student to help with the process from beginning to end. Personal and annual leave is available, and students get paid for all work completed as an apprentice electrician. The course meets the requirements for an electrician’s license, and provides nationally recognized qualifications. An initial license allows an electrician to select, install, test, and set-up residential and commercial electrical systems and equipment. It also allows repairs, fault finding, and maintenance of systems and equipment.

Further education is available is a student wishes to become a contractor, specialize in a specific area, or run a private business. After completing Electrical Apprenticeships In Melbourne, industry short courses and qualifications can be taken in business, safety, electrical specializations, and electrical licensing and registration. Loans and Government funding are available for those who qualify, and students can be assessed for credit if there has been any prior learning experiences that relate to the electrical field.

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